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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 2, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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economy. you said and something i disagree he with. >> 8% unemployment. 16 trillion dollar debt we're not moving forward, juan. >> we are moving forward. >> bill: no reason we're moving forward. >> yes, and i think that most americans disagree with you and think that the economy is finally starting to go for it and in fact. >> bill: based on what? >> if you just-- >> based on what? >> if you don't invest in education, infrastructure and the american people and just give money back to the rich then you go back to the days where, you know, less taxes, less regulations and-- >> you're both disagreeing, but you're agreeing in a round-about way and i've got to run. it's about money-- >> and a larger part of the identification, playing a large part-- >> no, this was about money. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin
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and then later the media research center will reveal the single most outrageous example of media bias from this past year. first, we bring in our studio audience of experts and analysts. good to see everybody. scale of 1-10. quick question, 10 being the most biased, how many would give the media a 10 in terms of its bias? pat, les, what do you say? >> i would say it is a good 8.5. microphone helps. >> 8.5.
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>> who else said less than 10? mary? you think it is 10? >> i think it is a 9 because i think there are some people in the made stream media who try and play and straight which is different than in past. >> it is certainly my lifetime. i don't think it has been this bad. i remember when we go back to the reagan days. mr. president, did you trade arms for hostages? we don't have those hard-hitting reporters when it comes to obama. >> they want access in washington, d.c. if you want to have access with this administration, you are not going to have a hard-hitting news report. it ise as simple as that. >> let's go the night of the election. let's go to nbc or one of our favorite reporters of all times, chris matthews, and he was thankful. why was he thankful? it was for hurricane sandy. watch this. >> good work for them, good work for f him. good day for america. so glad we had the storm last week because the storm was one of those things.
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politically i should say. not in terms of hurting people. the storm brought in possibilities for good politics. >> thank god for f that storm. >> you know what, that is so typical of the left. it is politics over everything else. here these people suffered great devastation, and all matthews can think about is how ist might have helped obama. had we said anything like that, that would have just been -- we would have been crucified.ik >> and chris matthews you have a man who regularly equates and people agree with him being evil. he says something this egregious, the political advantages of a storm that nearly wiped out the east coast of america. >> it is pretty sick and pretty sad. >> for sure. you made a good point and that is for years liberals had this as an all or nothing proposition. conservatives were more like, if our guy doesn't get elected it is not the end of the now we see it is the end of the world. with this past election, the
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media has always been center left. in this election they got just not just tipping the scales for him, they jumped on it and brought their limos and everything to bear. >> we all talk about chris matthews and the thrill he had up his leg, but this president has done everything, not most things, a lot of things, no. everythinglo right. just watch. >> this guy has done everything right. he raised his family right. he has fought his way to the top of the harvard law review and in a blind tess is the head of the review, the topped forfo there. he is clean as a whistle. he never has broken any law. he has done nothing wrong. he is the perfect father, husband and american. all they do is trash the guy. >> pat is dying to get in. might as well get down and worship, pat. he is perfect. >> here is the problem with this. the first clip -- the last clip is just him being a fool. the first clip is something the entire country should have
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seen against the pictures of the devastation and the deaths. but you know what, this is my problem with the republicans and all of w the people who mown and grown. instead of wasting their money and doing what they do with these ads and consultants, they should be putting that up so everybody can see it. you want to stop what is going on, you hold people accountable personally. you don't whine about it. >> i can't explain it, but we covered every aspect of this administration, mary, and we tried to explain -- a president that said dirty air and dirty water and grandma over the cliff. i tried to bring these things up on a regular basis and he got away with all of them. fox played it. >> you are one guy, and that's the problem. the republican party does not know how to fight back. and take it and get hit over and over and over again. they just expect that somebody will say this isn't fair. they have to stand up and say
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this isn't fair, and they have to stand up for themselves. they don't know howoi to market it. they need a marketing department. >> another thing to keep in mind, this is really a low blow what these people did, taking advantage of the storm with hurricane sandy. when it comes to the media, and in dc alone, over 903% -- 93% of the reporters vote democrat. they vote democrat, and that's what they are writing about, the liberal agenda. this is what we see throughout most of the media outlets. and most families are hard working people. they are not in tune like we are , paying attention to what the media is doing and the consequences of the government action. >> you as an african-american conservative have been brutalized by the media. when you consider and factor inon the war on women or the dog whistles, every republican is a racist if you listen to certain media outlets, where were they when conservative
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african-americans are attacked or conservatives like sarah palin. we have the new york times columnist charles blow who said mitt romney, nice man, good family, hard working, creates jobs, but he doesn't have a soul. listen to this. >> this manjo does not have a soul . if you open up his chest is probably a gold ticking watch and not a heart. this is not a person. this is a robot who will do whatever it takes, whatever he is told to do to make it to the white house. >> it is continuous. i think it will get worse with obama being in the white house. you will have these reporters who are just covering for obama. what they areng going to do is play the race card even though it is the failed policies that are harming those he claims he wants to help. he says he is for the middle class, but his regulations and policies are killing the middle class. >> you are miced up yes, ambassador?
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>> i think the republican party is not capable of dealing with the media. other institutions have to do it. the media is not going to be mixed. the way to deal with them is to break their cartel. they are not three dominant television networks. there is the internet and talk radio. that's the way to reduce their influence. you are not going to change their bias. >> it is true. let me go tovi maybe the most egregious, and then we will get monica, david and everybody else in here. maybe it was when the whole trayvon martin case came up. we remember the nbc news edited the tape, and now they are beineg sued for. play the ed followed by the call. to point out it was a big case of media bias. they didn't just play it once, they played it numerous times. >> this guy looks like he is up to no good. he looks black. >> did you see what he was wearing?
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>> dark hoodie. >> police department. >> we have had some break ins in my neighborhood and there is a real suspicious guy. this guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something. it is raining, and he is just walking around looking about. >> and this guy, is he white, black or hispanic? >> he looks black. >> they edit out of this, is he white, black or hispanic? >> they want to own the narrative. they want to control the narrative that is out there. this is not about reporting anymore. that leaves these citizen journalists out there that really have to do the job the mainstream media should be doing and do will vetting and the reporting and show all of the facts that the mainstream media isn't doing. this is a serious injustice that any respectable organization should edit the and control the narrative is despicable. >> one of the things that is going on here and jedediah talks about new media, you can't fight devils with
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angels. to go back to the ambassador's points you will not fix the big three or the alphabet networks. we have to fight themor on their own turf, and in some cases as hard as them. think about what we have done with new media and talk radio. we have to literally combine our efforts talk to new media and other outlets because we have a larger reach when we work thatar way. we have to stop playing nice. we are too intellectual. conservatives -- >> they think every conservative is dumb. >> that's right. >> we think they are going to process the same way we do. but they act and they defend and that's why the race card matters when policies fail. so let's fight them as devils on their ground in the same way. >> the headline out of this show is you call liberals devils. media matters will love you. >> to the conservatives out there, let me remind you what andrew brieihtbart said.
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let's wore we what we need to do. >> they are suing over that taping. you can't just sit back and takest it. even if you are held in custody as george zimmerman is, he is now suing nbc. >> they held back the picture of his broken nose. >> what that shows you is it is not -- it is bigger than politics. we talk about how the left wing media will do anything to protect obama and that is true. but itct is ideology. ideology trumps everything whether it is the far left wing, president obama, democrats in congress, trayvon martin, they wile l let the truth fall away in support of their own narrative. >> i s promised we would get everybody in. we have a special segment and you will have our big craw sheen dough. promise we will get nut next segment. it isn't a secret that the mainstream media is in the tank. how it helped him win a second term, that and more on this
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media mash edition of hannity. glad you are with us.
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welcome back to this media mash edition of hannity. they were willing to do anything in their power to make sure president obama would win back the white house. and as a result, my next guest says that 2012 was the end of the world for professional journalism. joining me now to explain why is the president of the media research center. sir, how are you? good to see you. appreciate you being with us. why? >> i think any serious journalist should be looking for a different career right now. rather than work at one of the networks or work for the new york times, work for the washington post, they have surrendered all semblance of
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objectivity. they don't even try to go into that direction. in 2012 there were a couple things we have never seen before. one was the suppress of news where they actually sensorred news. news that we know about because we might watch fox news. if you watch abc, nbc and cbs you didn't know about fast and furious or benghazi. you didn't know about so many of the scandals. that's one. the other one was cooking the books. they were actuall editing footage. they did it to mitt romney and made him look like an i idiot. they did it to george zimmerman. we have never seen this before. any rules of journalism are forever gone. >> let's go to tape here. remember the first debate and the president didn't do very well. and then al g gore went out and said, well, it could have been the altitude. great excuse? okay for al gore, he is a big liberal, but diane sawyer? >> your supporters have been saying this isn't a bad
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night. he didn't show d up. >> it just looked like to me he didn't want to be there. his mind wasn't on it. he didn't want toen gaming. >> this is legendary strategist james carville. >> like i say, there is no doubt that i can make a better case which is why i am so looking forward to tuesday. >> but again, why did it happen? al gore said was it the altitude? >> you are so good. we worship you so much. wass it the altitude? was al right? >> i don't recall the same interview with mitt t romney, why, what happened? they were shellshocked. she were shellshocked that this man they believe is god somehow was brought down to earth as a mere mortal so they made fools of themselves. gore is a fool. diane sawyer purports to be a serious anchor woman. >> that's these difference. during the election there was a story about mitt romney, and that he was a big bully. wow, this became big news.
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remember president obama admitted to smoking pot and doing drugs and snorting cocaine and all sorts of things. wasn't a big examination into that, but there was mitt romney bullying in high school. >> good evening. as we begin there is a surprising turn of events on the campaign trail. presidential candidate mitt romney accused of bullying a very vulnerable fellow student in fool. in high school. >> mitt romney reports as a teenager he lead a bully incident of a classmate who later camein out as gay. he says he doesn't recall it, but he is care if anyone was hurt. s >> hese didn't even remember it. >> i can see newt gingrich as a bully. i can see pat buchanan as a bull sy and maybe sean hannity, but mitt romney? mitt romney a bully? come on. that story was so goofy from the beginning. who the heck cares? we are talking about the leader of the free world and not what he did when he was 14
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or 1on7 or something cutting somebody's hair. >> butnt they had we begin tonight nbc news with brian williams and tonight, mitt romney the bully. we have all of the details. we are going live -- come on. it is so sanctimonious. i said in 2008 journalism is dead, and it really is. people need to understand that as they consume information. let me go to during the election the networks tried to distort the gop, the so-called war on women. we never heard the end of it. >> are you prepared to leave this gathering and own the fact that the platform of this party allows a woman who has been raped no exception but to carry that child to term? >> a lot of women look at the republican platform on abortion, contraception, a number of issues, and they ask the question whether republicans have women's best interest at heart. >> what a question. >> here is what is important for the viewers to
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understand. barack obama did what he did on this issue because that was his path for victory. that was shear political calculation. but theol media carried his water for him. that wasn't a pure political calculation on their part. they were doing his bidding. they knew these questions were unfair. they knew it't wasn't true. yet look at paul ryan having to defend himself for something he didn't do. >> how did barack obama, and i brought this up as often as i could, howot did he get away with taking a million dollars from bill marr who called governorng palin the b-word and the c-word and went after rick santorum's children and called bachman bad names, what is the double standard? >> mitt romney had to worry about people with cameras in private meetings. barack obama can be as public as he wants to with the cameras there, and he knows he is not going to be called. thisnd is what i mean about the sensorship. they simply did not report things like the finances.
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where did all of this money come from? they have been asking that question since 2008.ha >> look at cnn. they played the song "stupid girls" when doing a piece on governor palin. that's another example. watch. >> ♪ stupid girls ♪ stupid girls ♪ stupid girls >> sarah palin is apparently hungry for chicken and controversy. >> where do you begin? >> stupid girls is exceeded by stupid explanation by cnn where they said it had nothing to do with the news. it had nothing to do with the guest. and then they said it was a wrong choice. of course it does. every music segment you put in is put in for a reason. it is attached to the guest. so for them to deny reality explains why the average viewer ship of cnn is about -- >> that's why on my radio show i play cuts of obama saying the purpose is to inhale and i play waste land.
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>> people have reached their destination and there are more people who have stopped watching you at the end of the show thatst will ever begin watching cnn. their audience is down to 300,000. >> i don't know that. thank you. coming up at the end of the program, the single most outrageous example of media bias in 20 -- 2012. the latest on the media's handling of the election. anddi how so-called journalists are aiding the white house in covering up facts in the benghazi terror attack that killed four americans and much more as we continue this special edition of "hannity."
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welcome back to this special edition media bias -- to this special media bias edition of "hann tie y." "hannity." we keep hearing about a war on women and the racist party. let's look at the attacks on this election cycle. congressman allen west. by the way, a war hero. >> that crap crazy republican allen west. the constant spewer of hatred and lies has got to be stopped. >> people have a lot less iq than you and certainly a lot less business sense likal allend the screwballs are following what you are leading.
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>> allen west is allowed to go off the reservation. when you go off the reservation you lose sight of your boundaries. you goth to crazy land and you forget there is sane land. >> this was the accusation that the republicans, conservatives in this country are racist and against women. we played sarah palin and here is a war hero, african-american and look whatan they say. >> you target, you isolate, you ridicule, you remove. the next person it will happen to be is soon to be senator tim scott. when ever someone threatens the left, the left identifies, isolates, targets and removes. so he is going to have that coming. it is not unusual and it will continue. when ever someone stands up and plluts their head above like does, in comes the left's briggade over on msnbc and others, you mentioned media matters. they are far ahead on the media. we are slaughtered on social media. they are very good at it until
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we reup and rearm and we get in the game we will see it again and again and again. >> and the right goes out of its ways to avoid being called racist. you wonder what good it does. in both mitt romney's campaign and john mccain's campaign, jeremiah wright was off the table. they refuse to engage him. >> what good did it get them? they said mitt romney will do anything to get elected. no, he won't. >> i i wanted to say, you know what, the left has been defining us. they are telling our story. it is a work of fiction. what weo need to do i think is use the grassroots advocacy groups and have them develop some commercials thatev gets out there and tells our story. you can start out with a commercial, a 60-second commercial that says you might think that more money, more taxes means more money goes to the government, but that's not true and here is why. i think we really need to focus -- we need to tell our own story. sick and tired of
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allowing these people to define who we are. they continue to do it. >> i spoke with daneen burly earlier and we spoke about it on air, and ambassador, you were appointed to the u.n and there was a vicious campaign because you are a conservative to tear you up and destroy you, the politics of personal destruction. >> this is part of how they go after republican administrations trying to staff the government. h the media bet the democrats who tryna and keep control of the government. it means even if you elected a reforming republican president, he or she would have difficulty governing washington. that's their objective to make it a permanent beurocracy. >> are you a member of the tea party. nobody more demonized than the tea party crowd. give us the proof and no evidence. >> never. andev the remarkable -- the reason, sean, is we don't ever
12:30 am
frame the debate. the rule in debating is -- there is one rule. he who frames the debate wins the debate. i will give you an example with the school shooting. you have the president and the left wing democrats coming out now and talking about banning guns.ou where are the republicans to talk about the idea of the culture of the movie of the gun violence on tv and of the feminist agenda that has literally ruined men and young boys in this country so you have these 20 something kids that are considered to have had it all and are now reduced to this. this is not a debate. >> yesterday do dye yaw, you -- jedediah you wrote a book about a liberal. you are a conservative woman in new york, probably one of a few. you are in -- well monica crowellly lives here so you are somewhat protected. >> right and i worked in academia where rut odd man out
12:31 am
if you are a conservative. the point being made by everyone is true. the gop needs to own the narrative. what we need to do is tip toe around issues. we are afraid to offend. we are afraid to insult. remember when newt gingrich called barack obama the food stamp president? he didn't back down. he said i am calling him a food stamp president because the food stamps have risen. it is not about race. it is about nothing but policy. that's how you own the narrative jie. we wil al get to this side. are you mad at me? he is about to throw the microphone at me. coming up hey do? play worn out race card. you don't believe what we're about to show you. it isn't just the white house trying to cover up the benghazi terrorist attack that left more americans dead. how the media is trying to hide the truth as well, that p more on this he dishl edition of hannity. find their own adventure... ♪
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joining me now is daiftd web and jason riley this, is ed this is predictable as an election season comes and goes. you can go back to a democratic party or radio ad. ifal gore goes before a black awed wednesday and he goes into his proacher mode and republicans don't even want to count you in the census. it is predictable. they did it this election season. why do they do it because it
12:36 am
works? >> the deft likes to complain that we are not a post racial society. but you listen to the rhetoric, and you think that is therh last thing in the world they want. take the situation with susan rice we just went through. nation'shave the first black president just re-elected and trying to nominate the nation's third black u.n ambassador to become the third black secretary of state. this would be considered progress. by a sensible definition of progress. the left says any criticism of susan rice is racism. >> because she was a woman and it is race. >> she was said to be a black woman who is how it was said she got it in the first place. what they are going to do to tim scott and what they did to mia loven and what they do to any black conservative. what we have to do is go on offense. we have to have the hell no moment from the left -- >> hold on. does go on offense mean i am
12:37 am
not a racist, i swear. >> no becauset that is defense. defense is the first thing we do on the right. i am not a racist. and then we trot out, well let me show you we have examples. with all due respect you are absolutely right, butt they are not going to recognize that. the first thing we have to do is start with a cultural attitude as conservatives which is one, hell no. two, i am not because. andto three, we have to do a better job and change some of our spokesmen. if you want to be a big tent, reflect it and engage people. i am not talking about pan doring or talking about trotting out your hispanics or your women or your blacks. i am talking about getting the electione cycle and go and work in the communities. again there is no race card. it is a myth. it has been put up by the left. it. is a strategy. >> let me go to the media side. everything in nbc is a dog whistle. if youou say chicago it means you are a racist. you use the term urban and it ishe obviously racist.
12:38 am
it has gotten so out of control, but they are advancing as the press team or the extension of the press team of the white house of barack obamae and his re-election team that narrative, watch this. >> it was frustrating to watch a guy lie to the american people and not be counter punched because we were afraid he would be called an angry black man. when i see the president i don't see a black man. >> iteq is dishonest. you are playing that little ethnic card there. >> he keeps saying chicago. >> he keeps saying chicago. it is another thing that sends the message. he is helping the poor people in the bad neighborhoods. >> dog whistle is a dog whistle. a trumpet call is another. >> it is not necessarily bad in all cases. it is slang. it does president mean evil. it is pretty blatant. >> without getting into the argument whether he is taking
12:39 am
thnte president out of context, he is still using the term foreign. i will tell you this is happening every day. it is a dog whistle. >> what is this grand wizzard nonsense? >> arell we the ku klux klan? give me a break. don't go there with me on that. >> okay, good. thank you. there is none of those problems over there. t all of those birthers out there. >> dog whistles and work fair, chicago, urban, foreign, grand wizzard. >> again, they are going to do this so what do we do? we haveoi to get better at our strategy. we have to stop for a minute, ignore what they are going to, not ignore it, but realize what theyal are doing. remember when i said you can't fight devils with angels? if you are going to fight them, you have to fight them on their own turf. >> they use a technique that is beyond insulting and frankly is evidence of their own personal bias.
12:40 am
anybe african-american conservative, we discussed this earlier, you are african-american in this country and you are a conservative, you are an uncle tom, a sellout. >> uncle ruckus, you name it. >> it is used with regularity. >> what is sad it comes from the top down, from president obama on down. this campaign was about race baiting. he sent out his vice president to say republicans wanted to put p you back in chains. he sentan out his attorney general to say there was a plot. a black attorney general, the head of the criminal justice system in the united states was sent out on a campaign trail to paw lit size the justice department and say that republicans had a plot to steel the franchise back from blacks. >> the new black panthers with batons. >> the irresponsible rhetoric starts at the top and the media runs with it. >> it goes to a cultural thing. we have to change in this country. this isn't a democrat or republican issue. as americans we have become
12:41 am
complaisant and accepting of what is being shoved down our throats by the mainstream media. yes we are fighting back in conservative quarters, talk radio, your show, my show, all of the things we do. but we are not closing the loop by going out. we will have to build pockets of resistance and go to them. go to them in the colleges. go toem them in their media outlets. they are too chicken to bring me to msnbc or these other networks, but i tell you what. let's not give them a choice. let's take them on head to head. >> the supposedly racist tea party the media has been talking about is largely responsible for the only black member of the senate come january. >> great point. >> i gave up on stockholm syndrome. >> it is rude and it is insulting and mean spirited and hateful and it happens all the time. they get away with it, and then they flip it and turn it and accuse others of what they themselves often are guilty of. >> again put them in the narrative and tell everybody, that's it. you.ank still to come, unveiling
12:42 am
the single most outrageous example of media bias in 2012. first, the obama administration has been given a free pass when it comes to reporting the fee facts about the benghazi terrorist attack. how the media is helping the white house cover up the truth. that and more as this special edition of "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to this special edition of media mash. reporters worked over time to help shield president obama from his many policy failures here at home. but the aiding and the abetting didn't end there. they were alsong helping him cover up when things wept awry overseas and namely when it comes to the benghazi terror attack. the u.s. ambassador was assassinated on foreign soil for the first time in decades. that sad reality was never enough to spark the interest of the mainstream media. they sat idlely by as hillary
12:46 am
clinton, susan rice and others lied about the events that triggered the attack an ed the administration's actions as the assault was being carried out. joining me now to help go through some of the specific examples of how the press failed the american people and helped cover up the scandal, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolten and monica crowellly. whatever obama sadaid was echoed in the media. let's look at this. he said it waoos a youtube video. we knew better. you can always count on chris matthews to regurgitate what he said. listen to this. >> one more romney. >> doesn't cover up scandals in the middle east. >> what was the scandal that was covered up? >> benghazi. >> what was the scandal? >> get to it. nail it. what wast the scandal? >> he said it was about a video. >> yes it was about the video. read the newspaper. it is all about the video. >> it is all about the video -- wrong, chris. it was not about the video. >> it had nothing to do with the so-called video. i think where the media went wrong here was to help the
12:47 am
president and they didn't investigate it. they could have looked at whether there was a spontaneous spontaneous -- they didn't find out. they could have find out about the enhanced security, and they did not. only fox news, katherine herrige and and jennifer griive were reporting, doing what journalists were supposed to do and kept the story alive. there was so much of the didn't lookedia at. >> we know the libyan president told us it was not related to the video. we had people on the ground. we had realtime video coming in. becauseearn later they didn't want this to come out before the election. >> exactly right. there are two things going on here, sean. the elite mainstream media, mostly on the left support barack obama. they regard him as a deem my god who is probably incapable of making a mistake. secondly, when there is an actual real scandal like fast and furious, like benghazi,
12:48 am
scandals that are absolutely realha, legitimate and have body counts of american citizens at the hands of american policy, what the mainstream media then does is it first tries to ignore it and then dismiss it and the third response is to turn it into a fox news story. because we are the only ones who are trying to investigate and get to the truth. that is another way they will try to t dismiss it and disregard it so the american people don't think it is as big a story as it actually is. >> just before election day, they were getting panicked about the story. it was beginning to res son nate and as chris matthews as we started the show said thank god sandy came. who ever would say something like that? the media was saying this was utterly contrived, this is not true. as you point out conservatives are advancing these story. >> this business about the libya consulate has been like the october mirage. it really isn't an issue. >> it has been totally paw lit
12:49 am
sized at this point. i lived in a civil war in beirut for four years. these are incredibly messy situations. people don't don't show up with uniforms. you can have a flash mob turn into a planned thing. you can have planned in front of a flash mob. this is a contrived story in the sense that this is the end of the obama foreign policy. >> ambassador there you have the contributions of cbs, "time" magazine, nbc and the new york times. that is the mainstream media. >> part of their problem is the disconnect between their elite status and the vast majority of the american people who know when an american ambassador and three of his colleagues are killed in an american consulate, it is big news. in the middle of a presidential campaign, you bet they expect the two candidates who are vying to be the commander-in-chief to talk aboutde why americans are being killed and nothing is being
12:50 am
done about it. >> and by the way, tom freed man and joe klein and the rest of the w elite mainstream media you just showed, they never gave president bush the benefit of the doubt when it came to national security issues that got, in tom freedman's words, messy. they paw lit sized iraq and afghan n stay. for them to say somehow conservatives are politicizing benghazi, which this is a disgrace. the personal representative of the president of the united states is dead in the street in benghazi and dragged through the streets and these policy elites in the media saying it doesn't matter. >> there are a lot of different facets to this. they requested security beforehand on numerous occasions . that security was denied. they knew what was happening in realtime. they they ever told the american people. then there is the cover up aspect that was ran very deep within government circles all to protect the president so he can cruise to re-election. it worked. >> well, i think another aspect is what gene kirk
12:51 am
patrick called the blame america first syndrome. certainly president obama has it, butic so do the mainstream media. when the excuse comes out it was a spontaneous reaction to somethingnt an american did critical of the prophet mohamed. they were instantly prepared to believe that it was our fault that our ambassador got killed. >> the media is supposed to be the fourth estate, keeping an eye on those who are in power for the rest of us. they have completely failed on that. they failed iney this regard asking the early questions about who came up with the fiction about the video. but they are also not doing the job about what exactly are they covering up? what was the ambassador doing in benghazi? was that thr gun running from libya to syria? was there a detention facility being operated by the administration there which would be a real policy scandal for obama. we don't know. we are speculating, but the media is d not doing the >> pleasure. >> thank you. he unveils the most disgusting example of media bias fromxa 2012. that is next straight ahead.
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welcome back. throughout the past hour we shed some light on how the main street media and how bias they were in their reporting, but what was the single worst example of them all? he narrowed it down to this one. this is what he picked. >> the land on which they formed this union was stolen. the hands with which they built this nation were enslaved. the women who burst the citizens of the nation are second class. this is the imperfect fabric of our nation. at timesim we have torn and stained it n and at other moments we mend and repair it. but it is ours.en all of it. the imperial i'm, the genocide, the slavery and the liberation and the hope and the deeply american belief that our best days still lie
12:56 am
ahead of us. >> brent? >> you have to love these people. ambassador bolten was talking about the blame america crowd, this is the hate america crowd. genocide, imperialism, slavery? this woman doesn't know her history. we saved thewe world from genocide. we could have been imperial lis stick and we could have run this world after two consecutive world wars. we are the only nation in the history of man that didn't take any terrain after world war of the. >> my good friend barry farber, radio host that speaks 40 languages and maybe more now, no country has accumulated more power than the united states of americaun and abused it less. pat, gadell, this is your party. >> i want to say something. the person who allowed the mediad to bury benghazi was romney. if they thought they could not
12:57 am
win as running a as candidate. the other thing i what president to is a say i think i am the only one here from my party or whatever and my issue is about truth. you people do not know how to fight. i listen to the whining. you know who owns nbc? comcast. i have comcast cable. it is one of the worst cable systems in the country. you know what, it is a tea party and so people stop subscribing and they might get the message. you mentioned the worst example on hbo that is owned by time warner which is bill marr on 24 times a week, doing what he does. you know what, if a half a million people in this country told time warner that they wouldn drop them unless they put dennis miller, that's not free speech. that is paid speech. democrats fight. you don't fight. >> i agree about mitt romney and the third debate. i thought it was terrible. i was writing people at the time of that debate saying what is he doing? you are right about that. i don't y agree with boycotts, and i will tell you why.
12:58 am
>> i didn't call it a boycott. it is paid speech. you don't have to subscribe, o direct tv. >> the voices will be silenced first and quickest and more often are conservative voices. >> you do that anyway. they do that to fox and they do it to everyone else. you lose when you don't fight. >> i believe in free speech. >> not a boycott. >> it is not free speech. it is paid speech. >> let me back up. i call it vote with your remote. that means while we have to watch and we have to do our jobs to look at them, that american can turn around like pat says and says we are not going to watch you because the advertisers look at those tv ratings and a go i am not buying you, comcast. i am not buying bill marr, hbo. you turn them off. when people turn sean hannity on the advertiser says i am going to buy it. >> i thought you were going to say off. that'sll not allowed. >> this is the free market. when you are being watched more versus a cnn, advertisers will buyse you.
12:59 am
you will make money. you will prosper. when they are not watching exactly as pat says people will turn them off and they eventually lose. >> there are organized efforts to silence conservative voices , color of change. sean hannity fox news. >> if we had a leader in the republican party, this would not be as much of a problem. we need somebody like chris christie on a national stage. i think that is why he is so popular in new jersey. we need a leader. there is no leader out there who will fight. >> i think it is the american people who need to stand up and push back. another issue that is not talked about in the media is crony capitalism.on obama is picking winners and losers when it comes to energy. they get millions of dollars of our tax dollars, ge, ceo and he is lobbying the president for this money. people need to realize that it is our money that is being used against us. that's jusndt wrong.